The values that we deliver to our customers are not only IT-related but also concern business. We use our competence and experience to create solutions that have real influence on the business today and, what’s more important, in the future.


SellFee is a market-proven multi-module platform for comprehensive sales handling which is aimed for a financial sector.  It may be implemented as a whole or just the selected modules.  Using our platform, you may automate the sale of all products of your company relying on one organized and very flexible process, while being fully omnichannel.
SellFee allows you to shorten the time of full customer service and sales finalization to several minutes, the time of changing product parameters or process flow to several dozen minutes, and the time of new product implementation to several hours.

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TemplaR is a solution which enables full control and automation of a document generation process. By combining the editor of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) type and the expressiveness of a complete programming language, TemplaR makes it possible to easily define document templates of any complexity and to test them on a current basis. It enables central management of all templates used in a company and, based on them, highly-efficient generation of documents in various formats at the level of freely chosen systems.
With TemplaR, you save time and paper by automatically generating consistent and fully-personalized documents which constitute a company’s showcase.



The system aimed at sending and receiving e­-­invoices pursuant to the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance. On the one hand, inVoice provides an efficient, secure and reliable connection with the National System of e-Invoices (KSeF). On the other hand, it is a central repository of e­-­invoices shared with authorized systems and users.
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Software development

We comprehensively support our customers in business: we help in identification of needs and then we address them by agilely designing, generating and implementing complete IT solutions on time. We propose architecture and choose technologies which make it possible to meet current and future business needs to the fullest, at the same time limiting unnecessary costs. We ensure quality control of our applications at every stage of their creation. We pay special attention to a visual side by offering high quality UX.

Software asset management

Oracle licensing has never been the easiest – that’s why our customers are often surprised by the results of a formal audit which demand purchase of required licenses. In many cases, such surprises may be avoided and for sure the scale of expenses may be considerably reduced. However, this requires appropriate preparation on the basis of the knowledge concerning license requirements, status of licenses used or familiarity with acquired rights. With over a hundred Oracle license audit projects performed, we have gained considerable and unique experience which we are happy to share with our customers. We offer support at every stage of work with Oracle licenses.