in4mates team already consists of about 70 people. Every year we run over a dozen projects varied when it comes both to a subject matter and volume. In carefully selected Scrum teams, we develop proprietary products (SellFee, TemplaR and inVoice) and create “tailor-made applications”. We place great importance on quality assurance at every stage of execution.

What is important to us is good working atmosphere based on mutual respect and trust. We support our employees by working out with every one of them an optimal development path. We focus on partnership and long-term relations which may be observed in steady growth of the company.

Proces rekrutacyjny


Przesłanie aplikacji

Prześlij swoje CV za pomocą przycisku „Aplikuj" odpowiadając na jedną z poniższych ofert.


Rozmowa z naszą rekruterką

Skontaktujemy się z Tobą, żeby podczas rozmowy telefonicznej przedstawić naszą firmę, dowiedzieć się więcej o Tobie i poznać Twoje wstępne oczekiwania co do wspólnej pracy.


Spotkanie (w biurze lub zdalne)

Na spotkaniu opowiemy o pracy w naszej firmie, realizowanych projektach i wykorzystywanych technologiach. Porozmawiamy o Twoich doświadczeniach i kompetencjach, planach rozwoju oraz możliwości ich realizacji w in4mates.


To już ostatnia prosta!

Na tym etapie ustalimy wspólnie warunki naszej współpracy, a do Ciebie będzie należeć decyzja, czy chcesz być członkiem naszego zespołu.

Organizational culture

Since the very beginning, we have made sure that our company is a friendly and stable workplace. We rely on mutual trust and comradeship. We take an individual approach to every employee. We want to share our professional passions and derive as much satisfaction from work as possible. We know that the work of harmonious and professional teams is the biggest value that we may offer to our customers.

Why in4mates

Because it’s a place where your passion will be appreciated

Non-corporate management style

Young and dynamic team

Friendly and humane atmosphere and very good relations in the company

Nice people doing interesting things

Influence on the manner in which a product is manufactured


Cooperation and development

Every team member is equally important to us! We listen attentively and are open to ideas. We share knowledge and experience on ongoing basis. We believe that thanks to the support of the entire team, creation of even the most complicated solutions allows everyone to gain valuable experience and brings a lot of fun.
We want our employees to develop together with the company. We often organize company technology seminars conducted by members of our teams. We meet with every employee on a regular basis in order to sum up together a passing period and plan the next steps in a career path.


We are up to date with technological trends which translates into a better business offer and more effective creation process. We do market research on a regular basis, run “Proof of Concept” projects for customers and for ourselves, and we share the knowledge gained during internal meetings.

We rely on microservice architecture in many projects. The basis for the technology stack used is usually Java and Spring Boot from the back-end side and Angular from the front-end side. Depending on the needs, it is enhanced with, among others, Drools, Activity or “smart contracts” technologies written in Solidity language and created on Ethereum blockchain.

We pay much attention not only to “Dev” area but also to “Ops”. For a long time we have been relying on containerization and automation of implementation process. We successively develop Kubernetes skills. In everyday work we are supported by Jira, Upsource, Gitlab, Google Workspace, InteliJ IDEA or Element/Matrix.


Our office

Our office is located in an intimate villa in a green Żoliborz district. In a newly renovated building, everyone will find a comfortable place of work, a quiet corner to take a break from accumulation of duties or a place to relax. Our company kitchen is famous not only for delicious coffee but also for tasty snacks. We have also got a beautiful and spacious garden which, depending on the needs, will provide you with a place to clear your mind and relax or to talk with the colleagues from the teams.
Convenient location makes our office easy to get to – Metro (subway – Wilson Square station), bicycle lanes (we have got bicycle stands and you may take a shower after a ride), a tram and various buses are close-by. During lunch we go to numerous bars and coffee houses at Mickiewicza Street, Wilson Square and Inwalidów Square.

Work is not the only thing a man lives for.

We like meeting and spending time together also after work. Many of us share the same hobbies. Our team includes the enthusiasts of water sports (including kite surfing and sailing), motor sports (motorcycles, off-road, car racing), but also runners, passionate skiers, climbers and those who like bike tours.

During summer, our directors prepare barbecues for us and then they are the chefs who serve us delicious food! Our calendar also includes annual and more official meetings and company retreats. We are committed to have such meetings taking place on regular basis and being a moment of relaxation and rest together after everyday work.

We get engaged in charity work. We actively support aid organizations and children’s homes. We are also not indifferent to the fate of animals.

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Private health care

Multisport package (co-financed)

Internal seminars

Flexible working hours

(barbecues and parties)

Fully equipped kitchen

Dedicated relax area with table football

Company retreats

Snacks and fruit