Sales automation platform

Streamline and automate sales process with SellFee.
SellFee is a comprehensive solution with the aid of which you may sell all products of your company. This platform, which has been developed for a banking sector, will also work perfectly in other financial areas (leasing, insurance, factoring, debt collection) and beyond. Thanks to modular design, SellFee may be used to organize and automate sales process of a selected product or even a part of its sale process.

Software that organizes and automates sales process


One product
to one segment


All products
to one segment


All products
to all segments

All products incorporated in one system


Handling various customer groups
within one platform

Possibility to sell many products in parallel

Sales process automation

Pre-configured system

Efficient implementation

Data quality improvement

Variable parametrization features

Omnichannel platform - one system, many channels, all products

Interface that is intuitive to use

Experienced team that shares knowledge

Easy integration with other systems

The limits of the imagination are the only boundaries.

What makes SellFee stand out:

  • We offer a unique solution for automation and sales of all your products.
  • Our product is up-to-date and refined.
  • SellFee is a market-proven platform.
  • We have an experienced and stable implementation team.
  • Our product has been created in Poland and is developed by a Polish company.
  • We operate based on the latest technology trends. 
  • We work based on our own implementation methodology relying on SCRUM.

SellFee in figures


That’s how many processes you need to sell any set of products.

Several minutes

That’s enough time to fully serve a customer and finalize sale.

Several dozen minutes

That’s the time you need to change product parameters, process flow or printouts content in production.

Several hours

That’s how much time it will take to implement a new product for sale.

Technologies we use

We have gained their trust

Let’s talk about SellFee.

Paweł Łaciński

Managing Partner