Software Asset Management (SAM)

We help to determine the number of used Oracle licenses in particular where there is the highest risk of exceeding licensing powers and to optimize maintenance fees (technical assistance and maintenance). We share our knowledge in this respect in the form of trainings, lectures and workshops.

Our services are for you if:

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Working style

Our experience gained at the side of suppliers (such as Oracle or IBM), as well as at the side of customers (in Poland and in Europe), allows us to help prepare effective solutions with a guaranteed business value and to execute projects on time. We know procedures and the methodology applied by the suppliers during formal audits – based on this, we may help to prepare a strategy which will secure the rights you are entitled to and will make it impossible to use your unawareness in this scope.You will have at your disposal a team of people with several years of experience in audit projects of various suppliers and who possess complete knowledge on audit process and traps connected with it, as well as legal support by the persons who have been dealing with license topics for years.

What makes us different?

Let’s talk about Software Asset Management!

Andrzej Orłowski

Senior SAM Manager