E-invoice management system

The system aimed at sending and receiving e-invoices pursuant to the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance. Be prepared to send and receive e-invoices pursuant to the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance. On the one hand, inVoice provides an efficient, secure and reliable connection with the National System of e­-­invoices (KSeF). On the other hand, it is a central repository
of e­­-­invoices shared with authorized systems and users.

Key processes

Sending sales
e­-invoices to KSeF

Downloading numbers assigned to e­-­invoices

Downloading generated Official Confirmations of Receipt (UPOs)

Downloading purchase e­-­invoices


You will automatically register in KSeF the e-invoices issued – each one only once.

You will promptly receive KSeF number and UPO.

You are not dependent on restrictions and changes in KSeF.

All e-invoices are stored in the repository which you have constant access to.

You are able to minimize the time spent on managing

What makes inVoice  stand out

Technologies we use

Let’s talk about inVoice.

Tomasz Król

Business Development Manager

Michał Drabikowski

Managing Partner